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Passport Processing Problems? Call for Help!

Most of the time, passport processing proceeds without any problems. Every once in a while, though, travelers run into complications after they have mailed off their passport application for processing. Perhaps you need to get your new passport back earlier because you’ve realized you need to a get a visa for your trip, or perhaps your application is held up because of a tax debt you’ve now cleared. Perhaps you just want to make sure … Continue reading »

Passport Cards: Your Questions Answered

US passport cards are becoming increasingly popular… and that means that more and more travelers have questions about passport cards! … Continue reading »

How to Use the Online US Passport Application

When you hear that the US State Department lets you complete your passport application online, you might think that it … Continue reading »

What Do I Need to Know About Passports? Your Top Passport Questions Answered

Do you have questions about US passports? No matter your question, you can find detailed answers here on But … Continue reading »

Dual Citizenship: One Person, Two Passports

Did you know that it’s possible to be a citizen of the United States and a citizen of another country … Continue reading »

Where Are You From? Place of Birth Listings on US Passports

US passports are in the news again this week as the Supreme Court announced their decision on the “Jerusalem passport” … Continue reading »

Passports for Offshore Fishermen and Sailors

Planning a deep sea fishing trip or a sail out into the open ocean? You may need to pack your … Continue reading »

Passport Information in Spanish/Información sobre Pasaportes en español


Pop Quiz: What is the official national language of the United States?

The answer is that there is no official … Continue reading »

Preclearance: Clear US Passport Control Before you Fly Home

After a long international flight back to the United States, we can probably guess what you want to do: get … Continue reading »

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