Passport Cards: Your Questions Answered

Resolve all your queries related to US passport cards

US passport cards are becoming increasingly popular… and that means that more and more travelers have questions about passport cards! At, we love answering your questions. Recently, we’ve had a lot of travelers inquire about passport cards, so we’ve compiled this article to answer the most popular questions.

Q. If I already have a passport book, do I have to send it in to get a passport card?

Yes, you will have to send in your passport book when you apply for a passport card. Your passport book will be returned when your card is issued. We recommend putting a sticky note on the book’s cover that reads “Do Not Cancel – Passport Card Request.”

Q. Will my passport card have the same number as my passport book?

No, your card will have a different number. Separate number formats are used for passport books and passport cards.

Q. My passport book expires in two years, but I want to get a passport card. Will my passport card expire at the same time as my passport book?

When you apply for a passport card, if you are age 16 or older, your card will be valid for ten years from the date of issuance. Your passport card’s validity is not linked to the expiration date of your passport book.

Q. How long will my child’s passport card be valid?

For travelers age 15 or younger, US passport cards are valid for five years from the date of issue, just like passport books.

Q. I have a valid passport card, but don’t have a passport book. What government form would I use to get a passport book?

You would use form DS-82, the same form that is used for passport renewal. The procedure and requirements to get a passport book would be just like a passport renewal, except you will submit your valid US passport card instead of an expired or expiring passport book. Your valid passport card will be returned with your new passport book.

Q. If I apply for a passport book and a passport card at the same time, how many photos do I need to submit?

You’ll only need to submit one! Your photo will be digitized and printed onto both your passport book and passport card.

Q. How do I know if my passport card has been cancelled?

When you renew your passport card, the State Department will clip off one corner of your old passport card to mark it as cancelled.

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