Passport Requirements

The World’s Best Beaches – What Do You Need to Visit Them?

We’re not the only ones with beaches on the brain this month — TripAdvisor has just released their annual list of the world’s best beaches. If you want to visit all 25 beaches on their list, you are going to need a passport with a LOT of blank pages! Today, we’re going to take a close look at the passport and visa requirements to visit each of the world’s best beaches.

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Passport for Minors

Get Your Family’s Passports Ready for Spring Break Travel

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Make the Most of Your Caribbean Resort Vacation

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Immigration Raids: What Identification Should You Show?

This past weekend, people across the US were alarmed by reports of immigration raids in many cities. US Customs and … Continue reading »


Indonesia Visa: Your Passport to Paradise

Here’s a quiz for experienced travelers — for which of these vacations will you need an Indonesia visa?

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Update: US Soon to Revoke Passports for Tax Debt

In December 2015, we brought you the news of a new law regarding passports and tax debt. This law, which … Continue reading »


What Does Trump’s Travel Ban Mean for US Travelers?

On Friday, January 27, President Trump enacted a sweeping travel ban against citizens of seven Middle Eastern and African nations. … Continue reading »


Do You Need a Thailand Visa?

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US Passport

Is it Legal to Sell an Old Passport?

Shortly after the death of actress Carrie Fisher in late December, one of her old passports appeared for sale on … Continue reading »

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