Expedited Passport Services

Looking to get your passport fast? Consider using the services of trusted registered passport expeditors. These are private companies that specialize in United States passport and visa services, staffed by experts who will handle your application with care and ensure you receive the best expedited passport and visa services. Passport service expeditors are registered by the US State Department to hand-carry passport applications into US Passport Agencies for urgent processing.

How to Choose a Registered Passport Expeditor

When you are considering a US passport expediting service, look for a company that has:

  • A full range of passport services – Avoid a passport expeditor that isn’t comfortable offering less common services such as second passports or passport corrections. This could be a sign of limited knowledge or experience of the expediting rules.
  • Excellent customer service – How quickly do they pick up the phone when you call or respond to your email?
  • Registered status with the US State Department.
  • Years of experience in the industry.
  • Solid reviews in major news outlets and on social media sites.

Our Top Recommendations for Expedited Passport Service


Since 2007, RushMyPassport.com has been an industry leader among passport service expediting companies. They’ve been recognized for their speed and top-notch customer service by the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, the Washington Post, CNN, and MSNBC.

RushMyPassport.com’s nationwide service offers a complete range of expedited passport services at rush speeds. Their innovative online system allows you to track the expediting of your passport in real time. Customer service is available 7 days a week via phone, email, or web chat, including evenings and weekends when most other passport expeditors are closed! RushMyPassport.com’s rigorously trained passport specialists are able to guide you through every step of the way to make your passport service easy and error-free. It also offers complete travel visa services for all destinations. With walk-in locations across the country, RushMyPassport.com is a great choice for travelers in a rush.

Locations and Contact Information

Web Site: RushMyPassport.com

Corporate Headquarters:
5601 Corporate Way
Suite 200
West Palm Beach, FL 33407
(561) 463-3284


G3Passports.com is one of the most experienced and respected companies in the travel document industry. Founded in 1994, G3Passports.com has been providing expedited passport services to corporations, flight departments, tour groups, and individual travelers for more than 20 years. With locations across the US, G3 is expediting passports daily at many regional passport agencies, offering you many options for rush passport service. G3’s years of experience, accessible web portal, and reputation for stellar customer service has earned the company a place as one of PassportInfo.com’s top recommended passport services.

Location and Contact Information

Web Site: G3Passports.com

Corporate Headquarters:
919 18th Street NW
Suite 230
Washington, DC 20006

Other Recommended Passport Service Expeditors

  • G3 Global Services – G3 offers expert passport, visa, and document legalization services to individuals, corporations, and tour groups with personalized customer service. G3 has more than 20 years of experience and 8 offices from coast to coast.
  • Express Passport – With a state of the art online passport ordering system, Express Passport makes it easy to get started with your expedited passport service.
  • Fastport Passport – Fastport Passport is a registered passport expeditor based in Brooklyn, NY.  They offer passport services to US citizens, with customer service available by web, phone, and live chat.
  • Passport & Visa Express – Passport & Visa Express offers expedited US passport and travel visa services through their offices in Washington, DC, Chicago, and San Francisco.
  • Travisa – Founded in 1981, Travisa is a respected and long-established US passport and travel visa expediting service.
  • Visa HQ – With offices in Washington, DC, Houston, Los Angeles and San Francisco, Visa HQ provides expedited US passports and travel visa services to US citizens.

What is an Expedited Passport?

The expedited passport that you will get when you use a passport expeditor is exactly the same kind of passport you would get if you apply directly to the US Department of State. Expediting a passport with an expedited passport service just means you’ll get your passport much more quickly! Your passport will still be issued by the US Department of State and will be valid for a full ten years (five years for children age 15 and younger.)

How Fast Can a Passport be Expedited?

Expediting a passport with an expedited passport service is much faster than the 8-11 weeks it takes to get your passport directly from the State Department. Passport expeditors can have your new passport completed in 7  business days. Some passport expediting services even offer emergency same-day service, which means your passport is issued on the same day the company receives your application.

What Fees Will I Pay to Use a Registered Passport Expeditor?

When you work with a US passport expediting service, your expenses will consist of the following fees:

  • US government passport fee
    • Passport book for adult over age 16: $130
    • Passport book for child age 15 or younger: $100
  • US government passport expediting fee: $60
  • Passport expediting company service fee: Most companies offer several levels of expedited passport service with different fees, based on processing speeds. The slowest processing speeds will be the least expensive.
  • Shipping fee: You will pay a fee for the return of your completed passport via a delivery service like UPS or Federal Express. Some services, like RushMyPassport.com, include an incoming airbill for you to send your passport application to the company, while others will require you to arrange your own express shipping to the company.

Some companies also offer optional services for an additional fee, such as:

  • Insurance against future passport loss or damage
  • Passport application creation
  • Application pre-review via email


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