Stolen Passport FAQ

You do not need to report the theft of your passport to the local police to have your passport replaced. The most important thing is that you report the theft to the US State Department, which is done as part of the replacement process when you fill out the DS-64 form. Of course, if you have been the victim of a violent crime or if you have also been robbed of credit cards or other valuables, you should report the robbery immediately.

No, your new passport will have a different number. Every passport book has a unique number that has never been used on any other passport.

The new passport you get when you get you replace a stolen passport will be valid for a full 10 years. (For travelers under age 16, the passport will be valid for 5 years.)

Yes, because you are required to turn in your most recent passport when you apply for a new one. If your most recent passport was stolen, you will need to go through the stolen passport replacement procedure described on this page, even if that passport was already expired.

After a passport has been report stolen, it is invalidated by the US State Department and cannot be used for travel or as proof of US citizenship. If you find a passport that you have reported lost or stolen, you should send it in to the State Department. They will destroy the passport, or, if you request, they will mark it cancelled and return it to you.

You will need to go to the nearest US embassy or consulate to report the theft and get a replacement passport.. All of the same requirements for getting a stolen passport replaced will apply.


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