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With a US passport, the world is open to you. Your US passport is a powerful document that proves your identity and US citizenship and allows you to travel internationally. Our guide will show you everything you need to know about getting a US passport fast.

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Whether you need to get a passport for the very first time, renew an expired passport, or get a passport for your child, has all of the requirements, documents, applications and information you’ll need. Need to add pages to your passport? Change your name in your passport? Replace a passport that’s been lost, stolen, or damaged? We’ll help you with that, is also your guide to getting the fastest possible service for your US passport. If you need a passport urgently, we will show you how to get your passport in as little as 24 hours!
Trump has changed Cuba travel policy for US citizens

Trump’s New Cuba Travel Policy – Will It Impact You?

Once more, Donald Trump has made news that impacts travelers. This past weekend, he gave a speech in Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood that laid out the latest Cuba travel policy for US citizens.

It was expected that President Trump would roll back some of the Cuba travel liberties that President Obama put in place. Some analysts feared that he would end all travel to the island, returning Cuba travel policy to what it was before … Continue reading »


Biometrics Update: More Biometrics Technology at the Airport

Biometrics enthusiasts tell us about a world where travelers no longer need to use physical documents like passports, credit cards, … Continue reading »


Trump’s Plan to Privatize Air Traffic Control – What Will it Mean for You?

On Monday, June 5, President Trump announced a plan to privatize air traffic control in the United States. Air traffic … Continue reading »


Travel Documents for Non-US Citizens and Refugees

The passport woes recently faced by NBA star Enes Kanter have put a spotlight on US Travel Documents. Kanter, who … Continue reading »


Medical Tourism: Should You Travel For Your Healthcare?

No matter what your position is in the healthcare debate, we can all agree on one thing: medical care in … Continue reading »

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