US Passport

Comprehensive Resource Guide for Expedited US Passports

With a US passport, the world is open to you. Your US passport is a powerful document that proves your identity and US citizenship and allows you to travel internationally. Our guide will show you everything you need to know about getting a US passport fast.

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Whether you need to get a passport for the very first time, renew an expired passport, or get a passport for your child, has all of the requirements, documents, applications and information you’ll need. Need to add pages to your passport? Change your name in your passport? Replace a passport that’s been lost, stolen, or damaged? We’ll help you with that, is also your guide to getting the fastest possible service for your US passport. If you need a passport urgently, we will show you how to get your passport in as little as 24 hours!
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Passport Information: Resource Guide for Expedited U.S. Passports

Whether you are applying for a passport for the very first time, need to renew an expired one, or have to get a passport for your child, has all the passport requirements, documents, applications, and information you’ll need in one comprehensive resource. Need to add pages to your passport? Update your information after a name change? Replace a passport that’s been lost, stolen, or damaged? We can help with that, too. is your guide to getting the fastest possible service from the U.S. passport office and professionals who can assist you with your application.

Our resources can also be a reference for other passport-related needs and help you understand the processes associated with U.S. passports. Most importantly, if you regularly travel to other countries, make sure you don’t let your passport expire. In standard cases, the process from sending the application to receiving your passport takes weeks, so try to plan ahead when possible. If something comes up last minute and you don’t have a valid passport, choose a reliable expeditor to get a new one within a day.

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