Add additional pages to your US passport fast

Add Pages to a Passport

Are you a frequent traveler? Your passport may be running low on blank pages. Any time you travel internationally, you will need to make sure your passport still has blank pages marked “Visas.” You will need at least one blank page any time you enter a country, and if you need to get any visas, you will likely need to have at least two blank pages facing each other.

The special government procedure to have a new set of pages sewn into your valid passport will be discontinued after December 31, 2015. After that date, you will need to renew your passport if you run out of blank visa pages.

Please note that you can request a large size passport book with 52 visa pages when renewing your passport.

Our guide will show you how to add blank pages to a passport, including eligibility and all requirements for adding pages to a passport.

Additional Pages Eligibility

You can have pages added to your passport if it meets all the following criteria:

  • At least one year of validity remaining
  • No more than 10 blank visa pages left in the passport
  • In good condition, with no tears, missing pages, or loose binding
  • No more than two extra sets of pages previously added

How to Add Pages to a Passport

Gather all documents required to add pages to your passport.

  • Your valid US passport
  • US Passport Form DS-4085 – This is the application for adding pages in a passport. You can complete Form DS-4085 offline or fill it out online by going to and selecting “Add Visa Pages.” You will be able to print out and sign your application at the end of the process.
  • Flight itinerary or other proof of urgent travel plans, if you need to rush your additional passport pages
  • Additional pages fee – A check for $82 ($142 if you need expedited service) made payable to “US Department of State.”

Your additional passport pages can be processed in one of three ways:

  1. By Mail – You can mail in your passport, application, and the fee for additional pages to be processed at the National Passport Center.
  2. At a Passport Agency – For faster service, you can visit one of the 26 US Passport Agencies located in major US cities.
  3. By a Passport Expediting Company – If you need a rush service for adding pages, you can send your documents to a reputable passport expediting company. One of their agents will take your application to a Passport Agency to have pages added fast.

Add Pages to Your Passport in a Hurry

How Long Does it Take to Add Pages to a Passport?

If you send in your application by mail, it will take up to 8 weeks. You can request expedited service by mail, which costs an additional $60 in government fees. With expedited service, you will have your passport returned to you in 2-3 weeks.

If you need to have pages added to your passport fast, you can either go in person to a Passport Agency or use a passport expediting company. To apply in person, at one of the 26 Passport Agencies nationwide you will need to make an appointment first. Using a passport expediting company is a much easier way to get pages added to your passport. They can have pages added in as little as 24 hours, without the annoyance of appointments or long waits at government offices.


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