Supplemental Passport Forms

If you find yourself facing an unusual situation as you apply for a passport, check below to see if one of our supplemental forms may help.

Supplemental Questionnaire to Determine Identity (Form DS-5520)

This form is needed if your driver’s license or other state-issued identity card was issued less than six months ago, and is used for the following passport services:

Download Form DS-5520 to print and complete by hand

Acceptance Agent Letter

If you are planning to have a passport expediting company process your passport request, you may take this letter with you to the Passport Acceptance Facility to ensure that they will give you the official sealed envelope with your passport application so that you can send it to the company for processing. This letter is useful for the following services:

  • New US Passport
  • Minor US Passport
  • Lost Passport Replacement
  • Stolen Passport Replacement
  • Damaged Passport Replacement

Download Letter

Second Passport Request Letter

This form letter may be used as your second passport letter of request, or a supplement to a letter written on your company letterhead. This form is used for:

  • Second Passport

Download Request Letter

File Search Request

If your passport has been lost, stolen, or mutilated, and you do not have any other proof of your US citizenship, you can use this form to request that the US State Department perform a “file search.” During the file search, the State Department will search their previous records to find the proof of your citizenship that you submitted with your earlier passport request. This form is used for the following services:

  • Lost Passport Replacement
  • Stolen Passport Replacement
  • Damaged Passport Replacement

Download File Search Request to print and complete by hand

Statement of Exigent/Special Family Circumstances (Form DS-5525)

This form is used for minor passport service if one or both parents are not able to accompany the child to the passport acceptance facility, and it is not possible for the non-accompanying parent(s) to sign Form DS-3053, the “Statement of Consent.” It can be used in scenarios such as:

  • The custodial parent does not have contact with the other parent.
  • The other parent is overseas and unable to have Form DS-3053 notarized.
  • The non-appearing parent is in prison.
  • There is an emergency situation that does not allow enough time to get the other parent to provide Form DS-3053.
  • The child is in the care of a legal guardian who is unable to contact either parent.

Download Form DS-5525


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