Expedite your passport in as little as 1 week

How to Expedite a US Passport

Upcoming travel plans but no passport? Learn how to expedite a US Passport in time for your trip. One of the fastest and most reliable way to get a passport in a hurry is to use a registered passport expediting company. From start to finish, the passport expediting company will make sure that your processing is done as quickly as possible. Are you wondering how it works to use a passport expediting company? Our guide will explain the process of getting an expedited passport step-by-step.

Get Instructions and Initiate your Order

Contact your passport expediting company to get a set of instructions for the passport service you need and to start your passport service order. Some companies have easy-to-use online portals to initiate your order via the Web, and some provide sets of instructions that you can download from their website. You can also get instructions for your passport service by calling or emailing the expediting company. These instructions will include a checklist of all the documents required to get your passport.

If you have any questions about the required documents or passport processing procedure, you can ask the passport expeditor for more details and clarification.

Gather your Required Documents

Follow the checklist carefully to prepare all the documents you will need to send to the passport expediting company. One of the documents you will need to prepare is a Letter of Authorization. This is a form letter that will be included in your instruction packet, which you must sign in order to give the expediting company permission to submit your passport request to the Passport Agency. The passport expeditor will be unable to get your passport if you do not include the completed, signed Letter of Authorization.

The Letter of Authorization form will have three checkboxes and then a short “Applicant Information” section where you must handwrite information in black or blue ink. Check off the first two checkboxes, if they are not already checked, but do not check the third one. In the “Applicant Information” section, fill in your full name, phone number, and date of birth. On the line that says “Courier Company Name,” hand write the name of the registered passport expeditor as shown on the top of the form. Sign your full name on the line that says “Applicant Signature”. If you are working on a passport request for a child under age 16, a parent must sign the Letter of Authorization.

Send your Documents to the Passport Expediting Company

Use a delivery service with a tracking number to send your documents, such as UPS, Federal Express, or USPS Express Mail. Overnight delivery is recommended. Some companies will send you a pre-paid, pre-addressed airbill to make this process even faster and easier.

Do not use Registered or Certified Mail to send your passport documents, as these services may be very slow. First Class Mail (regular mail) should never be used to send passport documents, as it is both slow and impossible to trace if the package goes missing.

The Passport Expediting Company Submits your Application

After the passport expeditor receives your application packet, they will hand-carry your request to the Passport Agency for expedited service. When your passport is complete – which could be in as little as 1 week – they will pick it up from the Passport Agency, review it for accuracy, and then send it back to you via a reliable delivery service like UPS.

For a quick overview, check out this video from Rush My Passport, one of the registered passport expeditors we recommend:


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