US Passport

Preclearance: Clear US Passport Control Before you Fly Home

After a long international flight back to the United States, we can probably guess what you want to do: get home, take a hot shower, and climb into your own bed. Perhaps the first thing you want to do is to go out for that cheeseburger you’ve been craving for the last week, or maybe you just can’t wait to see your kids or your dog. No matter what you most want to do when … Continue reading »

Passport Renewal

What Good is an Old Passport?

If you are renewing your passport for the first time, you might wonder what will happen with your old passport. … Continue reading »

Passport Apps

Mobile Passport Apps for Travelers

You already know that your smart phone is an invaluable tool to make your life easier while you travel. You … Continue reading »

New US Passport

Biometric Passports Speed International Arrivals

Have you ever wondered what that little gold rectangle on your passport cover means? It’s the international symbol for a … Continue reading »

Add Pages to Passport

Additional Pages Service to be Discontinued

Frequent international travelers appreciate that they are able to have additional visa pages added to their US passport, but sources … Continue reading »

Passport for Minors

Passport Renewals for Children

US passports issued to children age 15 and younger are valid for only five years, so sooner or later, every … Continue reading »

Passport Requirements

Passport Requirements for Cruises

Cruises are great vacations. From the moment you step on board, you don’t have to worry about a thing – … Continue reading »

Passport Tips

Top Passport Tips for Frequent Travelers

Frequent flyers, road warriors, jet-setters, and globetrotters: you’re an elite group with special passport needs. More than anyone else, you … Continue reading »

Passport Requirements

The “Six Month Rule” – Is your Valid Passport Really Valid?

Most travelers assume that their passport is fully valid for travel up until the day it expires. That makes sense, … Continue reading »

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