A Bride’s Guide to Passport Name Changes

Bride’s guide to passport name change

As a bride-to-be, you’ve probably carefully planned your dress and bouquet and wedding reception, but have you thought about changing the name on your passport? If you will be changing your name due to your marriage, you will need to update your US passport to reflect your new name. We know you have endless details to deal with now, and while we can’t help you with your seating chart or the difficult choice between buttercream cake frosting or fondant, we can help you with your passport name change!

Brides with Passports Issued More than One Year Ago

If you currently have a valid passport that was issued more than one year ago, you will need to renew your passport to have a passport issued in your new married name. You will need to submit an original or certified copy of your marriage certificate along with Form DS-82 and all the other requirements for a passport renewal. Your marriage certificate will function as proof of your new legal name. You will need to pay the standard passport renewal fees and your new passport will be valid for a full ten years.

When you complete your passport application, you will fill in your new married name at the beginning of the application. You will fill in your previous name as printed in your passport in the “Your Most Recent Passport” section.

Brides with Passports Issued Less than One Year Ago

If your passport is almost as new as your marriage, you’re in luck! Passports that were issued less than one year ago can be submitted for a “re-application” for a name change at no fee. (If you are in a hurry to get a passport in your new name, you will need to pay expediting fees.) You’ll need to complete Form DS-5504 and submit an original or certified copy of your marriage certificate.
Your new passport will be issued for a full ten year validity.

Planning a Honeymoon Overseas?

You might be wondering how you can take an international honeymoon immediately after your wedding if you won’t have time to have a new passport issued in your married name. Don’t worry! Just book your plane tickets using your maiden name as printed in your current passport, and you can travel on your honeymoon using the passport that shows your maiden name. When you get back to the United States, you can change the name on your passport as described above.

What if you don’t have a valid passport, but you want to take a honeymoon outside of the US? You can apply for a new passport in your maiden name before your wedding, and use that for your honeymoon. After your vacation, you can change the name on your passport via “re-application” and get a passport in your married name at no extra charge.

Best wishes and bon voyage!


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