Make Your Visit to the Passport Acceptance Agent a Success

Passport Acceptance Agent visiting tips

If you are applying for your first passport, a replacement for a lost, damaged, or stolen passport, or a passport for your child,  you’ll need to visit a Passport Acceptance Agent. Passport Acceptance Agents have the duty of reviewing passport applications before they are submitted to the State Department. We’ve compiled our top tips to make your visit to the Passport Acceptance Agent a success. Read on to learn how to make your visit efficient and trouble-free!

Find a Convenient Location

  • Use our Passport Acceptance Agent locator. Our interactive guide will allow you to search nearby locations based on your zip code or town name. You may find that our page automatically loads in the locations nearest your home, based on your internet service provider information!
  • Consider finding a location near your office or school. Since most Passport Acceptance Agents are only open limited business hours during the workday, you may find it most convenient to find a location near your workplace or near your child’s school.
  • Make an appointment… or find a walk-in facility! Most Passport Acceptance Agents require that you make an appointment in advance. This is helpful if you have time to plan ahead, as it will ensure you don’t need to stand in line to wait for assistance. But if you are in a hurry to get your passport, you may be better off finding a Passport Acceptance Agent that offers service on a walk-in basis. We find that many Acceptance Agents located in government offices like courthouses (rather than post offices) often allow applicants to walk in without an appointment.

Plan Your Visit

      • Allow enough time. It typically takes 15 to 30 minutes for a Passport Acceptance Agent to review your passport application. If you choose to go to a walk-in facility, allow yourself more time, as there may be lines.
      • For minor passport applications, your child does need to go in person to the acceptance facility, and needs to be accompanied by at least one parent. It’s best if both parents can go with the young child, but if one parent isn’t able to go, he or she will need to sign the official consent form (DS-3053) and have it notarized.
      • Check if your facility offers photo service on site. Many Passport Acceptance Facilities also take passport photos for a small fee. If you’re in a rush, this is a handy way to get the photo you’ll need, without having to make a stop at another location.
      • Bring all the documents you’ll need! Double-check our passport instructions to make sure you are bringing all your required documents for your passport application.
      • Don’t forget your checkbook! You will need to write two checks, one to the US Department of State for your passport fees, and one to the acceptance facility for the “execution fee.”



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