Kenya Visas – Your Ticket to Adventure!

Kenya visas are a must for your safari!

Kenya visas are a must if you are planning the ultimate African adventure!  Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve is unquestionably one of the top safari destinations in the world, especially since it flows right in to Tanzania’s famous Serengeti National Park.  Kenya’s iconic Mount Kiliminjaro is a must-climb location for any avid mountaineer.  Even Kenya’s cities like Nairobi and Mombassa are exciting destinations for travelers who want to experience the bustle and style of an African city.

US citizens need to have Kenya visas issued in advance of their travel to Africa.  We recommend using a trusted expediting service or apply early. Read on to learn how to get your visa for Kenya!

Passport Requirements for Travelers to Kenya

Before you travel to Kenya, you’ll need to make sure your US passport is valid, signed, and in good condition.  Kenya enforces the “six month rule,” so you’ll need to make sure your passport will be valid for at least six months past the end of your trip.  You will need to have two blank pages marked “Visas” for your entry stamps.

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What Types of Kenya Visas Are Available?

US citizens who plan to visit Kenya are able to get three different types of Kenya visa:

  • Single entry Kenya eVisa, issued online
  • Multiple entry Kenya visa, issued at a consulate
  • Multiple entry East Africa Tourist Visa, issued at a consulate of Kenya, Rwanda, or Uganda

Kenya eVisas

Maasai tribesman, KenyaIf you are planning to make only one entry into Kenya, you should plan on getting an eVisa!  Kenya eVisas are single entry visas that are applied for online.  Once your Kenya eVisa is issued, you will get a confirmation via email that you will print out and carry with you when you enter Kenya.

Kenya eVisas can be used for either tourist or business travel to Kenya.  The online application requires uploading quite a few supplemental documents, such as a copy of your flight itinerary and hotel reservations.  Business travelers also need to upload a copy of a letter of introduction from their employer.

If that all sounds too complicated to you, not to worry.  Visa expediting services like G3 Global Services can help you get your Kenya eVisa!

Multiple Entry Kenya Visas

Planning more than one entry to Kenya?  You will need a multiple entry visa, which must be issued at either the Embassy of Kenya in Washington, DC or one of Kenya’s two consulates.  There are Consulates General of Kenya in Los Angeles and New York City.  The Embassy and Consulates will all accept applications from residents of any US state.

Multiple entry visas are usually valid for six months, but US citizens can request visas valid for 5 years.  These 5 year visas require special approval from immigration authorities in Nairobi.  They cost more than normal multiple entry visas, and take longer to process, but it’s worth it for people who have to travel often to Kenya.

East Africa Tourist Visas

Visit Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda!Are you planning an Africa trip that will take you beyond Kenya into neighboring nations?  The East Africa Tourist Visa may be just the ticket for you!

East Africa Tourist Visas are multiple-entry visas valid for a 90 day period.  They allow you to travel between Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda, making as many entries as you like within that 90 day period.  The East Africa Tourist Visa is a consular visa, which is stamped into your passport.

You may apply for your East Africa Tourist Visa at any embassy or consulate of Kenya, Uganda, or Rwanda.  It’s a good idea to apply through the country you will visit first.

There had been rumors that Tanzania was going to join the East Africa Tourist Visa scheme, as many travelers to the region also will go to Tanzania as part of their multi-country adventure.  However, in October 2016, the Tanzanian government confirmed that they will not be joining the East Africa common visa program.

Yellow Fever Vaccination for Kenya

Many people wonder if they will need to submit proof of a Yellow Fever vaccination in order to apply for a Kenya visa.  The answer is no!  You don’t need to submit a Yellow Fever certificate with applications for Kenya visas.

However, you may need to show your Yellow Fever vaccination certificate when you enter Kenya.  The US State Department reports that some travelers have been turned away because they could not prove they have been vaccinated.  There are active Yellow Fever outbreaks in some parts of Kenya, so we definitely recommend you get vaccinated!  The Centers for Disease Control also recommend that you get vaccinated for Hepatitis A and Typhoid.

Have you visited Kenya, or is it on your bucket list?  Tell us in the comments!


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