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Get Your Family’s Passports Ready for Spring Break Travel

Are you taking the family on an international vacation for spring break? Awesome! You’re going to have a great time. You might be busy with planning excursions and figuring out what to pack, but don’t forget to check to make sure everyone in the family has a valid passport before your trip.

It’s especially important to check your children’s passports before your spring break trip. Adult’s passports are valid for 10 years, but passports issued … Continue reading »

International Adoption – Passports and Visas to Bring Your Child Home

If you are thinking of expanding your family through international adoption, all of us at send our best wishes! … Continue reading »

Getting Parental Consent for Children’s Passports in Tricky Family Situations

Not every family fits the traditional mold of mom plus dad plus kids, all living together in one house. Since … Continue reading »

Passports for Teenage Travelers

Teenagers are always on the go… and teens who plan to travel outside the US will need to make sure … Continue reading »

Getting a Passport for Your Newborn Baby, Part 2: Essential Documents

Between the sleepless nights, the spit-up, and the constant diaper changes, life with a newborn baby can be stressful enough! … Continue reading »

Getting a Passport for Your Newborn Baby, Part 1: Birth Certificates

“Does my newborn baby need a passport?” is a question that we hear often here at The answer is … Continue reading »

Passport Renewals for Children

US passports issued to children age 15 and younger are valid for only five years, so sooner or later, every … Continue reading »

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