Passport Office: Lamond Riggs - Recycled Numbers

Located At:

6200 NORTH CAPITAL ST NW WASHINGTON, DC 20011 2025232038


  • Monday 12:00pm - 4:00pm
  • Wednesday 12:00pm -4:00pm
  • Friday 12:00pm -4:00pm

This Location Offers:

  • Application review for a New Passport, Minor Passport, or Replacement Passports
  • Blank Passport Application Forms
  • Drop-off for standard (6-8 week) processing by mail
  • You must appear in person for these services
  • All contact details are above
  • Looking for help with your passport application? For step-by-step instructions, a detailed checklist, online assistance, and expedited service, click here.
  • Want to plan your visit for your lunch hour? This facility is open during lunchtime.

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