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Passport renewal is one of the most popular passport services in the US. The utilization of this service has increased since the Add New Passport Pages services had stopped in January 2016.

If you are looking for an easy and fast way to get your passport renewed, you can visit G3 Passports services. G3 is one of the most reliable and experienced passport companies in the travel document industries. G3 Passports makes sure that your documents are delivered to you through a trusted courier service, as early as 48 hours.

To expedite your passport renewal application and / or to get help from trusted sources, follow the instruction below:

Expedite your Passport Renewal Application

The passport renewal process is simple and does not require you to visit the passport acceptance agents. If you are eligible for passport renewal and already know all the document requirements, you can simply click on EXPEDITE NOW to renew your passport within 48 hours.

Expedite your passport renewal application with

Steps to Follow to Apply Passport Renewal Online:


    1. Select Services

      G3 passports offers three types of processing speeds; Mission Critical, Priority Service, Expedite Service.

      • Mission Critical is the service for the people who are in a hurry and need their passport within 2 to 3 business days.
      • Priority Service would deliver your passport within a week (4 to 6 days).
      • Expedited Service would take 7 to 10 days to deliver your renewed passport.

      Note: Government fee of $170.00 to be paid to the “US Department of State” is not included.

      Select processing speed according requirement

    2. Applicant Info

      Once you have selected the desired processing speed for your passport renewal, provide the personal information along with the traveling details.

      Provide personal information to renew the passport

    3. Extra Offerings

      G3 offers you some additional services that you can add to your plan. You can upgrade your selected service to Concierge Level and get a passport replacement insurance with it.
      You can also pick for a passport card along with your renewed passport book.

      Why Concierge Services and Passport Insurance?
      G3Passports offers you concierge services where passport experts thoroughly review your paperwork before it is sent to our operations center to avoid mistakes that could delay the expediting process.

      These services help you prevent processing delay by having a G3 Associate review and correct your application materials by email. In case any correction required in your application, the expert will edit or re-create your passport application.

      This package also includes Passport Insurance, where you can replace your damaged, lost or stolen passport with G3Passport with no service fees. will waive its expedited service fee to replace your lost, stolen or damaged passport. Click on ‘Details’ button on Extra Offering page to find out more about these services.

      Passport Card:
      Passport Card proves U.S. Citizenship and can be used to travel by land or sea to Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Bermuda. It cannot be used for international travel by air. Know more about Passport Cards.

      Service Add Ons - G3 Concierge Service, Insurance and Passport card

    4. Shipping Options

      Select your preferred shipping method and provide any additional information that we should know.

      Select preferred shipping option

    5. Payment

      Provide your shipping and billing addresses along with your payment details.
      You can check the total of your order in the order summary box at the upper right corner of the page. You should see this order summary box on each step.
      Click on the confirm button to make your final payment.
      Re-check your complete order for passport renewal services and make payment

Once your payment is done you’ll get an order confirmation screen with your complete order detail. You can either mail it or take a print out of this page for future references.

Take a printout of your passport renewal order details


Initiate your Passport Renewal Process!
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Document Requirements and Checklist

To apply for a passport renewal application you would be required to submit some legal documents and your existing passport along with Form DS-82. Click on the “Checklist” button to get a complete list of required documents. You can directly download your passport renewal application form by clicking on the “Form DS-82”.

Check document requirements for passport renewal application


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