San Juan Passport Agency Closed for Renovations

Send your documents to passport expediting companies to get US passport fast in Puerto Rico

The US Passport Agency in San Juan, Puerto Rico is currently closed as the building undergoes renovations. This Regional Passport Agency has only been open for a little over one year; it first opened to the public on January 13, 2014. The US State Department has not confirmed when the San Juan Passport Agency is likely to reopen.

The temporary closure of the Passport Agency in San Juan has not affected the services of Passport Acceptance Agents in Puerto Rico. All Passport Acceptance Facilities on the island of Puerto Rico are still open to provide the service of executing passport applications for new adult passports, minor passports, and replacements of lost, stolen, or mutilated passports. In the execution procedure, a Passport Acceptance Agent reviews the application and supporting documents, and seals them into an official envelope for processing.

How Can I Get an Expedited Passport While the San Juan Passport Agency is Closed?

If you are a resident of Puerto Rico and need to get an expedited passport, you have several options for service while the San Juan Passport Agency is closed for renovations.

  • Expedited Service by Mail. You can mail in your passport application packet to the National Passport Center. Their expedited processing by mail takes approximately 3 weeks to complete.
  • Make an Appointment at the Miami Passport Agency. The US State Department is recommending that travelers in Puerto Rico who need urgent passport service should make an appointment at the Miami Passport Agency to appear in person. However, we at think this would be an expensive and inconvenient option, as it would require travelers to fly to Miami.
  • OUR RECOMMENDATION: Use a Passport Expediting Company. Instead of flying to Miami, it will be much more efficient to send your documents to a reputable passport expediting service. Passport expediting companies can have your passport issued very quickly – for the most pressing requests, they can have passports issued in 24 hours or less. Your completed passport will then be delivered to your door via an overnight envelope from UPS or FedEx. It’s the fastest and easiest way to get a passport.


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