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Looking for US passport office information? You’ve come to the right place. There are two types of passport offices in the United States: Passport Acceptance Facilities and Regional Passport Agencies. Passport Acceptance Facilities are local passport offices that can provide passport applications, review passport applications, and verify your identity and US citizenship as a preliminary step to getting your passport. When you are applying for a first time passport, a passport for a child, or a replacement for a lost or damaged passport, the Passport Acceptance Facility will seal your application into an official envelope in a process called “executing the application.”

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Expedited Passport Service at Passport Acceptance Facilities

The local passport office can send in your application for expedited passport service by mail, which will take 2-3 weeks to complete. If you need faster service, such as to get your passport expedited in 24 hours, ask the Passport Acceptance Agent to give you your sealed envelope so you can send it to a registered passport expeditor company.

Passport Offices Near You

  • Usps Seminole Post Office

    Distance: 6.21 Miles (Approx.)

    Applying for a New Passport, Minor Passport, or a Replacement of a Lost, Stolen or Damaged Passport? You will need to visit a Passport Acceptance Facility to have your identity checked and your application sealed into an official envelope. The Usps seminole post office in Seminole, Florida conveniently offers this service with no appointment required. You can also pick up a passport application form here, or drop off a completed passport application for standard speed (6-8 week) processing by mail. See below for all the contact details for this location.

    Address: 9355 113th Street Seminole, FL, United States
    Zip: 33772

    Phone: (727) 394-0847

    Category: FL

  • Usps Gulfwinds Station

    Distance: 5.04 Miles (Approx.)

    The St. petersburg, Florida Passport Acceptance Facility is located within the Usps gulfwinds station. Here, applications for New Passports, Minor Passports, and Replacement of Lost, Stolen or Damaged Passports are reviewed by Passport Acceptance Agents and sealed into official envelopes as a preliminary processing step. This location also accepts completed applications for standard speed processing by mail (6-8 week processing speed.) Contact information and hours of operation are below. No appointments are required.

    Address: 4222 22nd Avenue, South St. Petersburg, FL, United States
    Zip: 33711

    Phone: (727) 327-8469

    Category: FL

  • City Of Treasure Island – Customer Service Center

    Distance: 0.9 Miles (Approx.)

    At the City of treasure island - customer service center in Treasure island, Florida, you will find a Passport Acceptance Facility where you can pick up a passport application form or submit an application for passport processing by mail. (Mail-in processing may take up to 6-8 weeks.) This facility also serves the important function of reviewing applications for New Passports, Minor Passports, and Replacement of Lost, Stolen or Damaged Passports before sealing them into official envelopes marked 'to be opened by State Department Personnel only.' You don't need an appointment for this service. The full contact information for this location is below.

    Address: 120 108th Avenue Treasure Island, FL, United States
    Zip: 33706

    Phone: (727) 547-4575

    Category: FL

  • Pinellas County Clerk Of Court – Clerks Tyrone Branch Office

    Distance: 2.67 Miles (Approx.)

    At the Passport Acceptance Facility in the Pinellas county clerk of court - clerks tyrone branch office in St. petersburg, Florida, agents will review your application for a New Passport, Minor Passport, or Lost/Stolen/Damaged Passport Replacement and seal it into an official envelope for processing. You must appear in person for this service. This is also the place to pick up blank passport application forms, if you need to fill out your application by hand. Applicants can drop off completed applications here for standard speed (6-8 week) passport processing by mail. All contact details are below.

    Address: 1800 66 Street, North St. Petersburg, FL, United States
    Zip: 33710

    Phone: (727) 464-7000

    Category: FL

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