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Study Abroad – What Documents Will You Need?

Study abroad is an incomparable experience.  If you have the chance to take an educational trip or attend school overseas, you’ll find that you learn just as much outside the classroom as in it… if not more!  Studying abroad gives you the chance to practice your foreign language skills, and to really see how people live in other countries.  It’s an opportunity to make memories you’ll keep for a lifetime, and friends you’ll cherish forever.… Continue reading »

How to Survive Family Travel for the Holidays

There’s no time like the holidays for family travel.  Maybe you are taking advantage of the kids being off school … Continue reading »

Cancelled Flight? Don’t Panic!

Over the weekend, huge numbers of travelers in Europe faced the headache of a cancelled flight.  Pilots at Lufthansa,  a … Continue reading »

Make the Most of Your Airport Time

If you’re like many travelers, you’ll be logging some serious airport time soon. Next week, the week of Thanksgiving, is … Continue reading »

Places You Didn’t Know You Could Visit on a Cruise

Cruise lovers, have you been wishing for some more unusual cruise destinations to spice up your travels? Or have you … Continue reading »

The World’s Best Beverages – Drinks You’ll Fly For!

Trying local food and drinks is quite possibly the best part of traveling.  Eating and drinking engage so many of … Continue reading »

Airline Elite Status – Why You Want It and How to Get It!

The skies are a lot friendlier when you have elite status on your favorite airline. Just about every airline has … Continue reading »

Are You Vacation Deprived?

It’s no secret – American workers are vacation deprived. The United States is the only industrialized nation that doesn’t require … Continue reading »

A Closer Look at Passport Fees

Many of you have asked us questions about US passport fees, and expressed interest in our comprehensive Passport Fee pageContinue reading »

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