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Immigration Raids: What Identification Should You Show?

This past weekend, people across the US were alarmed by reports of immigration raids in many cities. US Customs and Immigration Enforcement (ICE) has confirmed that they arrested more than 600 undocumented immigrants last week. ICE officials stated that raids occurred in Atlanta, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, and North and South Carolina. However, reports of additional raids in cities across the country have been rampant on social media. Immigration activists and individual witnesses have … Continue reading »

Update: US Soon to Revoke Passports for Tax Debt

In December 2015, we brought you the news of a new law regarding passports and tax debt. This law, which … Continue reading »

What Does Trump’s Travel Ban Mean for US Travelers?

On Friday, January 27, President Trump enacted a sweeping travel ban against citizens of seven Middle Eastern and African nations. … Continue reading »

Top Passport News Stories of 2016

Happy New Year from!  We’re ringing in 2017 by taking a look at the most important passport news of … Continue reading »

Passport News Roundup: Celebrity Edition!

This month’s roundup includes several American celebrities making passport news around the world! We’ve got more than just celebrity news, … Continue reading »

Passport Mistakes You Won’t Believe!

If you’re a follower of, you know to avoid the most common passport mistakes.  You’ve learned which mistakes to Continue reading »

Passport News Roundup: Photo Update and More

Welcome to the latest Passport News Roundup!  In today’s edition, we’ll be focusing on the new US State Department … Continue reading »

No Toilet, No Passport and Other Passport News From Around the World

At, our main focus is United States passports, but we also keep an eye on passport news from around … Continue reading »

Getting a Passport? Take Off Your Glasses!

In our recent article about the State Department’s #PicturePerfectPassport campaign, we let you know that the US government was about … Continue reading »

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