8 Great Travel Essentials for the Savvy Traveler

Travel accessories for smart traveler

With the threat of longer TSA lines, and the ever-changing baggage restrictions and pricing, it’s no wonder people are getting savvier with packing. Traveling with a lightweight, essentials-only carry-on bag has become an art form. Before you get overwhelmed by the amount of gadgets out there, take a look at our list of 8 great travel accessories that every smart traveler could use.

There is something for everyone here from finding your happy place with eye mask earphones, enjoying hostel or beach life with the best travel towel on the market, to clever passport protection wear, and revolutionizing the way you do laundry on the road. Take a look.

Turkish Cotton Travel Towel

Knotty Towel - Perfect for the beach, the pool, and camping

Forget microfiber and go for Turkish cotton. The vibrant designs make swimming, showering or picnicking more fun. These towels are not only super-absorbent, but they also pack up just as small as a microfiber mini towel (without that moldy funk smell the microfiber tends to get after one or two uses, blech!). Perfect for the beach, the pool, camping, or wherever else a sturdy, absorbent and pretty towel is needed! Isn’t that everywhere?

The cleverness of this towel cannot be overstated. You can wear it as a stylish scarf, sarong, or even tie it up for a perfect over-the-shoulder beach bag.


Travel Wallet

Your passport is your best friend when traveling. A damaged passport can hinder you from entering and leaving countries. Keep it safe and protected in a stylish, sturdy travel wallet.

Make sure your travel wallet is designed to contain your passport and has compartments that can also hold boarding passes and tickets, credit cards and other forms of ID. Your passport holder can also serve as a change pocket.

Wash Bag

Scrubba Wash Bag for doing laundry easily and quicklyWe recommend a wash bag that can serve as your dirty laundry bag and washing machine. Some wash bags are pocket-sized, as small as a 5 oz pouch. No traveler wants to waste time sitting around at a Laundromat (assuming you can find one!), and laundry service at hotels is incredibly pricey. If you need to do laundry easily and quickly, the wash bag is a perfect option.

But, if you also just want the ease of washing clothes in a tiny apartment, during a power outage, while camping, or on the beach in Thailand, well then, the wash bag is also for you.

Many wash bags will have nodules inside the bag. It’s a modern take on the old-fashioned washboard. The nodules clean your clothes in minutes, so wash whenever and wherever you want. The bag dries quickly, packs up small, and gets your clothes cleaner than the hand wash-in-the-sink technique. For an avid traveler, the wash bag is pure genius.

Luggage Cubes

Luggage cubes are such a seemingly simple thing, but they completely transform your packing experience. Invest in these smart clothing organizers and you won’t regret it. Clothes stay neatly folded or rolled in tidy compartments that making packing and repacking a breeze.

A place for everything and everything in its place, they say. Luggage cubes should also include dual front and back zippered pockets to keep dirty clothes away from clean clothes, and a double compression system for maximum wardrobe options.

Expedite US Passport in 24 Hours

Speakeasy Travel Scarf with Passport Pocket

A secret pocket in a chic scarf for your passport and cash? Yes, please! These scarves are made in the USA in a multitude of fun colors and designs, so you can be a smart traveler without looking like, well, a stereotypical tourist.

Say goodbye to khaki utility vests once and for all (not that you did that anyway!), and say hello to a Speakeasy Travel Scarf! Your passport will be safe and secure, close to your body. So go ahead and fall asleep on the midnight train to Kathmandu, and walk the streets of Bangkok with confidence, your passport, cash and other important documents will be concealed in a self-locking zipper from the sticky hands of pickpockets.


Extended Battery Charger

Don’t be left without GPS again! A battery charger for your electronics is a must. In travel, you must be flexible as plans change suddenly. But, you can also be prepared for the unpredictable. When an outlet can’t be found, or you’re on a plane or bus, in a taxi or on a boat, or left unexpectedly stranded in a tiny town in Argentina, you can still charge both your phone and a tablet/iPad with this handy energy station!

Frequent travelers know that extended battery chargers are life savers – saving time, effort and headaches in potentially stressful situations. Do away with the stress of a dead phone and keep an energy station close.

What’s in Your Bag?

What do you consider your travel essentials? Do you have a favorite travel accessory that gets the job done or saves you space? How do you keep your passport hidden, your undergarments stowed, or your body rested? We’d love to know. Share your best packing tips below.


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